Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I think I want to write a blog

I am inspired.  I am surrounded by people who balance endless tasks and roles in their life, and yet they find time to do amazing things for themselves.  Exercise.  Write.  Create.  Volunteer.
When I get time to myself, I tend to all of the sudden discover that there is a "me" that has gone dormant during my day-to-day.  A "me" that isn't a mom, isn't a wife, isn't an employee, a "me" that is just, well, me. A "me" that isn't distracted and lost within the many, many tasks I try to cram into a day. And my brain tries to run though as many thoughts as possible while it has my full attention.
I sat today and worked on putting pictures into albums, and my mind wandered to how blogging might be fun, but thinking I didn't have a lot to share, pondered what I could write about. I thought it might be interesting to do a little write-up about any books I read or movies I watch during the year, and then look back as a reminder of what I had done.  But I seriously questioned whether I would actually have time to read books, or watch movies, let alone time to write about them.  And then I thought about all the things I want/wish/need to do.
I want to be the best mom and wife that I can be.  I need to pray more.  Need to read more scripture.  Want to bake more.  Want to cook more good meals.  Want to spend more time in the garden.  Want to read.  Need to exercise to be healthy.  Want to paint some walls.  Want to hang more pictures.  Want to see more amazing nature.  Want to take better pictures.  Need to keep in more constant touch with friends and family so every conversation isn't catching up over the last several months since we last talked.  Wish I could do it all.  And by my rough calculations, I have about 60 hours a week that I am not working or sleeping to accomplish it.
So that's what I'm going to write about.  My quest to find the time to be and do all those things.  And if I accomplish any of them, a little more about each one. Or to write about how I've failed.   But with a list like that, if I can accomplish at least a few of them, I'll consider it a success.


  1. I want to do just about everything on your list. Let me know if you want company!

  2. If you ever need a "me" day you know that I'm game if you want a partner in crime.

  3. I'll keep you both on speed dial

  4. Nice job, Erin. I've just read your posts backwards :) Can't help but recognize that I also need to find more ways to do things for me that I loved to do. Unfortunately my couch and TV are so much easier for me to accomplish at the end of the day. Here's to us doing what we love again. -Desiree

  5. I am thrilled and humbled that you came to that conclusion for yourself after reading my posts. Here's to us doing what we love indeed!